...my feline friends?


Purl knows that cleanliness comes first and nothing makes him more beautiful than being clean all over! 

Purl, a seal point cat in the midst of doing some kitty yoga to groom himself.

Mickey Mack

Mick Mack doesn't know he's not a kitten. He's always ready to play!

A black cat with green eyes staring intensely above the camera


Tot is the reclusive one. He rarely leaves my mom's bedroom except to come out to the cat tree to sharpen his claws. 

A black cat sitting on the floor, looking up at me. He also has green eyes.


Tuxi is the only girl and she's a bit of a diva. She doesn't take any crap from the boys.

A black and white tuxedo cat is lounging on the bed. She is on top of a granny ripple crochet blanket.

Some random information. Purl, Tuxi and Tot are all littermates. 4 years ago, my mom was outside in one of our storage trailers and a newborn kitten suddenly fell from above her head! Seeing how unsafe they were up there, she carefully moved them to a safer location, but their mama never came back so we raised them ourselves. They started out with another sibling, but that one didn't survive the first night. :( As a result, they're all spoiled rotten and I'm not sure they know they are cats.

A fun fact about Mickey is he is my first cat I did not bottle raise from birth! But he's even more friendly and outgoing than any of my bottle babies, and super charming, which is how I think he was surviving on the streets. I strongly suspect he had a food dish at every house in his neighborhood, and Mick Mack never turns down food.