... but sometimes the work is so slow I get frustrated. My friend Jenn can sit down to knit, and make a whole shawl with beautiful lace and cables in a couple days. I can't do that. I'm super slow. I crochet faster, but even that takes a while! 

This led me to do some research and buy a hand-crank knitting machine. The one I got is the Addi Kingsize, which is perfect for cranking out hats for adults, scarves, and panels in various sizes. So far, I've only used it to crank out hats, which you can see in my shop. Its fun though- 20 minutes of cranking and I turn 200 yards of worsted or aran weight yarn into a great beanie! Its an almost perfect craft to work on while watching TV. 

There are a few downsides to the machine though. The most obvious is of course that your arm gets tired. Less obviously, you're stuck working with yarn that's aran weight or lighter, and your needles are always going to be about a size 10, so if you're using lighter weight yarns, you're going to have a very open, airy fabric. You also have to be careful not to crank too fast, or you can drop stitches. That's fixable, but it never fails that my repairs are purled when they should be knit. Doh!

I'm definitely excited to learn how to do everything the Kingsize can do though- it seems to be pretty versatile! Do you have a favorite tool of machine that makes some of your crafting easier?