🐈‍⬛ Who is Mickey Mack? 👩🏻 Who is Deb?  What's this place about?

Hi there!

I'm Deb and Mickey Mack is my cat. Or rather I'm his human. I adopted him from the county animal shelter in July of 2021, after he spent 2 months waiting for someone to choose him. He had a rough life on the streets, being hit by a car and getting shot (he still has a pellet under his skin) but now he's living the good life! When I walked into the shelter, he was immediately reaching his arms out and yelling, as if to say "Pick me, pick me!" I did pick him, and have been thrilled to share space with him since.

Me? I'm a queer, disabled crafter who has dabbled in dozens of crafts over the years. I love cross stitching in my spare time, which is limited because school keeps me super busy. I just graduated with two Associate's degrees and will soon be pursuing my Bachelor's in Sociology. I hope to someday be in a role where I can help other people, fight the patriarchy, and see people get their reproductive rights back!

I live in Lancaster, CA with my mom and quite possibly too many pets. At Mickey Mack's Amazing Hats, I am the Weaver of Weird, and in charge of General Artistry. Mick Mack is in charge of Feline Supervisory Duties and making sure I Do Things Right. He takes his job very, very seriously. We don't just make hats here; there's also the designing of cross stitch patterns and the occasional completed cross stitch for sale too.

Most of our beanies in the store are hand-cranked on a knitting machine, which is pretty neat, but it doesn't allow for as much flexibility. However, there will be hand-knit or crocheted hats (and other items) available too. Honestly, all kinds of stuff could end up in this shop- give us time! In the past I've been a pattern designer and have quite a few to offer.  😁

Shipping is always free, though we only ship to the United States. Digital patterns can be purchased from anywhere with an internet connection and are instantly available for download. I know my photos aren't great, and am slowly working on replacing them with better ones with less distracting backgrounds.

If you ever have any questions about an item or aren't fully satisfied after purchase, please reach out at your earliest convenience so I can make things right!

Oh, and I guess I should say that while we try to keep pet hair to a minimum, if you have severe cat or dog allergies, you should probably give my shop a pass! We don't want to be the cause of your sinus misery! 💕

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