I’m Deb and Mickey Mack is my cat. Or rather I’m his human. I adopted him from the county animal shelter in 2021, after he spent 2 months waiting for someone to choose him. He had a rough life on the streets, being hit by a car and getting shot (he still has a pellet under his skin) but now he’s living the good life! Mickey oversees all the work I do, and also does quality control. He’s very good at his job.

Me? I’m a queer crafter who has dabbled in dozens of crafts over the years. I love cross stitching in my spare time, which is limited because school keeps me super busy. I just graduated with too many Associate’s degrees and am almost finished with my Bachelor’s in Sociology. Next up- Masters of Public Health!

I’m really excited to be getting older and doing what I want in life, and I really hope you enjoy my creations! I love making them and trying new ideas and methods. When you buy from me, you’re helping me pay my bills, and enjoy this life a little more. You’re also helping me to take care of my pets. Besides Mickey, I have 3 other cats (Purl, Tuxi, and Tot) and 2 large dogs (Yuba and Tejon). I also have an aquarium.

I’m transitioning my shop from etsy for two reasons. The first is the fees are eating me alive, and the second is that I can offer lower costs to you here, when I’m not paying multiple fees for every sale. Of course you’re welcome to buy from my etsy shop, but I’m planning to let my listings there expire except for a few over the next four months.