Bubblegum Ice Cream Medium Weight Beanie


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This listing is for a finished hand-crank knitting machine-made beanie. It is made from acrylic yarn and is light weight for cool summer evenings. This will fit an adult head. The yarn it is knit from is wildly variegated, which results in some neat swirly color pooling around the hat. It is very bright pink and blue, the photos are NOT color accurate. Beanie measures 17 inches long, unstretched…. this is a looong boi!

Because these are handmade, they may be dropped stitches (repaired) other small imperfection in these hats. Occasionally one has a blip where its gathered together at the top as well, but that’s less common.

Machine wash and dry; hot water and dryer are okay, but do not use the sanitize cycle unless you want a very soft, very limp hat!

Please excuse my foam head- it’s a bit smaller than an actual human head and it’s seen some rough times!

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