Pink Hand-Knit Beanie


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This pink hand-knitted beanie is made from 100% acrylic yarn for durability and easy care. It will fit most teens and adults. It was knit with alternating knit and purl rows to give it some texture.

This beanie is 9 inches long,  less stretchy than my machine knit hats,  but also much thicker.  The color is more of a deep rose than what’s displayed in the photos.

Machine wash and dry; hot water and dryer are okay, but do not use the sanitize cycle unless you want a very soft, very limp hat!

By buying from me, you are supporting the small business of a disabled, queer crafter. You’re helping me put better food on my table, make sure my pets stay healthy, and ensuring my bills get paid on time. Thank you for your patronage. It matters. 💕