Tardigrade Republic of Luna Cross Stitch Pattern Digital Download ONLY


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Tardigrades on the moon? What madness is this? The water bears are going to take over as ruling class of… uh… dead soil? Be ready for your new overlords with this great cross stitch pattern!

Featuring the moon, a tardigrade, and some snazzy text, perfect to display on your wall! Just buy this pattern, get some navy blue or black Aida, and stitch away!

This design featured 23 DMC colors. There are full stitches, backstitching, and a few french knots. Text on the pattern is shown in black floss for ease of visibility. Feel free to use any of the lighter colors in the pattern. The text says “Tardigrade Republic of Luna.” Please email me if you need the pattern in a different set-up- my patterns print in full color but I will be happy to create a black and gray version for you if needed.

Measures about 65 x 65 stitches.

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My cross-stitch, crochet, and brick-stitch beading patterns may be branded as either Kittyloaf Designs, or Pattern Slattern. Don’t worry, it’s still me! I’m in the process of a rebrand, and altering all the files takes time, but I’m working on it.